Amendment to the FY2009/10 through 2014/15 Six Year Secondary System Construction Program




Public hearing to consider a proposed amendment to the Six Year Secondary System Construction Program to transfer road paving funds to the Broomley Road (Rt. 677) Railroad Bridge Project and to remove the Dickerson Road Project (Rt. 606) from the Program.




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Benish, and Wade






October 14, 2009


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At its September 2, 2009 meeting, the Board directed staff to proceed with an amendment to the approved VDOT Six Year Secondary System Construction Program (the “Program”) in order to transfer unpaved secondary road funds from the Dickerson Road Paving Project to the Broomley Road Railroad Bridge Improvement Project. 


The estimated cost for the Dickerson Road Paving Project and related bridge improvements is $11,600,000, of which VDOT has allocated approximately $1.6 million in unpaved road funds to date. The County is not scheduled to receive any additional paving funds over the next five years; therefore, the Dickerson Road Paving Project could not move forward to construction in the foreseeable future. 


The existing Broomley Road bridge structure has a weight limit of eight tons and cannot be used by large emergency vehicles. Replacing the bridge is the only means of providing a structure adequate to carry all emergency vehicles.


In order to amend the approved Program, the locality must hold a public hearing on the proposed Program amendment, the Board must adopt a Resolution to approve the Program amendment, and staff must request that VDOT amend the Program.  The public hearing has been set for October 14, 2009.  A draft resolution is attached for the Board’s review prior to the public hearing (Attachment A).   



Goal 3: Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.




The Amendment to the VDOT Program:

The actual amendment to the VDOT Program would remove the Dickerson Road Project from the Program and would transfer the $1.6 million in funds allocated for road paving from that Project to the Broomley Road Bridge Improvement Project.


Consistency with County Priority List of Road Improvements:

The proposed amendment to the VDOT Program is consistent with the County’s Priority List of Secondary Improvements and no amendment to the Priority List is necessary at this time.  The County’s Priority List was approved on May 13, 2009. It identifies the Dickerson Road Project (including road paving and bridge improvements) as priority #23 and is considered the highest priority road paving project due to its location within the Hollymead Development Area.  However, without additional unpaved road fund allocations, any future planned road paving projects are unlikely to be completed in the near future.


The County‘s Priority List also includes a priority list for bridge improvements. There are three bridge projects listed ahead of the Broomley Road Bridge Improvement Project. The status of the three projects is:


The estimated cost of the Broomley Road Bridge Improvement Project, including roadway approaches, is $4 million to $5 million. VDOT staff has indicated that additional work is needed to provide a more accurate estimate. VDOT’s process is to establish a more detailed cost estimate during the project scoping that occurs after a project is placed in the Program. If approved, the $1.6 million will only allow the Broomley Road Bridge Improvement Project to enter the preliminary engineering phase. Federal bridge funds are estimated to be available to fund the construction of this project in FY 2017.


Use of Road Paving Funds on Other Projects:

The Board of Supervisors has been informed that, pursuant to Virginia Code § 33.1-23.1:1, reallocation of road paving funds to a non-paving project would result in an adjustment in future secondary fund allocations for unpaved roads (See Attachment B). For each $250,000 or portion thereof removed from road paving projects and applied to secondary construction projects under this provision, VDOT has indicated that the amount of the County's nonsurface treated roads used to distribute funds under this section in subsequent years will be reduced by one mile or proportional part of one mile. The $1.6 million that is proposed to be reallocated represents approximately six miles that would be reduced in subsequent years from the funding formula used by VDOT.  VDOT requires that any Board resolution supporting the proposed amendment must indicate that the Board fully understands that this adjustment will occur (the attached draft resolution includes such language). 

The monetary impact of reallocating the $1.6 million is impossible to determine at this time, since the amount of future allocations is unknown.  However, VDOT estimates that the County could expect to receive about $150,000 less per six year period if funding were restored to previous funding levels.  In current dollars, this would amount to the reduction of about one average rural rustic project over the six year period.




There will be no budget impact other than a potential reduction in future VDOT unpaved secondary road funds.




Staff recommends that the Board adopt the attached Resolution requesting that VDOT amend the Albemarle County Six Year Secondary System Construction Program to: 1) add the Broomley Road Bridge Improvement Project; 2) remove the Dickerson Road Project; and, 3) request that the Unpaved Secondary Road Funds currently allocated by VDOT for the Dickerson Road Project be added to the County’s Secondary System Construction Funds to be used for the Broomley Road Bridge Improvement Project.




A - Resolution

B – Virginia State Code, § 33.1-23.1:1. Unpaved secondary road fund created; allocations

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