Board of Supervisors/School Board Joint Meeting with Business Leaders

Business Support for Education/Education Support for Business


Meeting Details:


Date:                     April 19

Time:                     6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Location:              Kessler Conference Room at the MJH Outpatient Care Center on Pantops


Meeting Outcome:

To provide for discussion between elected officials, county staff and invited business leaders regarding local workforce and workplace issues and needs, and to identify opportunities to strengthen county/business partnerships that will support the county’s overall economic vitality.

To continue ongoing discussion and to determine proactive initiatives that support partnership opportunities to further the goals of the economic vitality plan, the school division’s strategic goals, and the needs of the business community. 



Welcome                                            Board of Supervisors Chairman Ann Mallek and School Board Chairman Steve Koleszar


Introductions/Overview              County Executive Tom Foley and School Superintendent Pam Moran 


Roundtable Discussions                              

·         How is the work “space” changing, i.e. technology requirements, etc? How are work force needs changing, what skill sets do employees need to be successful?

·         What are some of the unmet workforce needs in our community? Challenges or roadblocks? How are business/education/community partners creatively and successfully meeting those needs in other communities i.e. recruiting considerations?

·         What are real education/business programs and partnership that are working in other localities? How could we adapt any of these for use right now?

·         What do we need to do next to move our work together forward? Expectations? Strategies? Outcomes?

Report out – results from roundtable discussions

Summary, Closing                           Tom Foley,  Pam Moran