OCTOBER 8, 2014




4:00 P.M. Room 241

1.         Call to Order.

2.         Joint Meeting with School Board

            a.         Total Compensation Report. (Lorna Gerome, Director of Human Resources)

            b.         Goal Setting for Five Year Plan. (Lori Allshouse, Director of the Office of Management and Budget)

            c.         Work Groups Report-out

                        1.         Legislative

                        2.         Communications


3.         6:00 p.m. - Recess.


6:30 P.M. Lane Auditorium

4.         Reconvene and Call to Order Night Meeting

5.         Pledge of Allegiance.

6.         Moment of Silence.

7.         Adoption of Final Agenda. 

8.         Brief Announcements by Board Members.

9.         Recognitions:

            a.         Commonwealth of Virginia Innovation Technology Symposium (COVITS) First Place Award, Crystal Rejonis.

            b.         Muscular Dystrophy Association - Albemarle County Fire & Rescue Department Annual Fill the Boot Campaign.

            c.         Proclamation Recognizing October 2014 as Disability Employment Awareness Month.  

d.         Crozet Library Fundraising Team.


10.       From the Public:  Matters Not Listed for Public Hearing on the Agenda.

11.       Consent Agenda (on next sheet).



12.       PROJECT: SP-2014-00009. Castle Hill Cider (Signs #20&21). MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Rivanna Magisterial District. PROPOSAL: Special use permit amendment to remove expiration date for farm winery events on 310.47 acres. No dwellings proposed.  ZONING: RA Rural Areas - agricultural, forestal, and fishery uses; residential density (0.5 unit/acre in development lots). ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN:  Rural Areas preserve and protect agricultural, forestal, open space, and natural, historic and scenic resources/ density (0.5  unit/acre in development lots). LOCATION: 6055 Turkey Sag Rd. TAX MAP/PARCEL: 04900-00-00-018B1, 04900-00-00-018B2. (Scott Clark, Senior Planner)

13.       PROJECT: ZMA-2013-00017. Spring Hill Village  (Signs #74&75). MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Scottsville. TAX MAP/PARCEL: 090000002800. LOCATION: 1776 Scottsville Road. Approximately 2000 feet north of the intersection of Avon Street Extended and Route 20. PROPOSAL:  Rezone 12.99 acres from R-1 Residential zoning district which allows residential uses at a density of 1 unit per acre to NMD Neighborhood Model District zoning district which allows residential at a density of 3 34 units/acre mixed with commercial, service and industrial uses.  A maximum of one hundred (100) units proposed for a density of 7.7 units per acre.  ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes. SCENIC BYWAYS: Yes. PROFFERS: Yes. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN:  Urban Density Residential residential (6.01-34 units/acre); supporting uses such as religious institutions, schools, commercial, office, and service uses in Neighborhood 4 of the Development Areas. (Claudette Grant, Senior Planner)



Action Items:

14.       Update on meeting with Planning Commission leadership.  (Jane Dittmar)

15.       Establishment of Economic Development Office. (Lee Catlin, Assistant County Executive))

16.       Ivy Materials Utilization Center (MUC) Transfer Station Viability. (Doug Walker, Deputy County Executive)

17.       Route 29 Matters:

a.         Consideration of Ashwood Boulevard and Hollymead Connectors. (Mark Graham, Director of Community Development)

b.         Best Buy Ramp, wall treatment. (Mark Graham)


18.       From the Board:  Committee Reports and Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

19.       From the County Executive:  Report on Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

20.       Adjourn.









11.1      Approval of Minutes: November 13, 2013 and February 24, 2014.


11.2      ZMA-2004-00024. Old Trail Special Exception to Authorize Variations from the Code of Development. (J. T. Newberry)