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Board/Commission Name Pantops Community Advisory Committee 
Introduction/Overview/Duties The Advisory Committees will provide assistance, feedback and input to County staff and the Board of Supervisors on community and county efforts related to implementation and support of the adopted Master Plan, in accordance with established county procedures. Advisory Committee members will communicate with their constituencies to increase understanding of and support for successful implementation of the Master Plan. The membership is broad-based to incorporate a variety of perspectives and ideas and to provide citizens, business people, and representatives of community groups a chance to be engaged and to be heard in a constructive and meaningful way.

The Committees will be a catalyst for helping foster a sense of community and work towards effective and efficient Master Plan implementation. Committees are a venue to discuss and provide comments on program and policy questions and/or proposals. Community Advisory Committees are an important venue for discussion and Committees can provide feedback and indicate preferences related to development proposals, although Committees do not have a legislative role in the development process.

1.Serve as liaisons
2. Gather input from constituencies represented and bring these issues to the attention of staff and the Committee, and distribute information from the Committee back to constituents.
3. Stimulate creative thinking in examining implementation issues and identify ways of using community resources to meet implementation needs and challenges.
4. Provide advisory input, comments, and information to the Board of Supervisors on new and emerging policies, projects, and programs as requested.
5. Maintain a forward-looking agenda with respect to adopted Master Plans and policies of the Board of Supervisors. Committee meetings are not the appropriate venue to oppose adopted policy.
6. Commit to support and work to implement the adopted Master Plan.
7. Work with Staff to provide an annual report of activities to the Board of Supervisors in accordance with the Board of Supervisorsí adopted Rules of Procedure for Boards and Commissions. 
Length of Term One-third of the initial appointments will be for a one-, two-, or three-year term. The Board of Supervisors will indicate which term length when the first members are appointed. Following appointment of the initial members, new members will be appointed to three-year terms, provided, however, appointments to replace a member failing to complete a term shall be for the unexpired term of that member. Members may be reappointed for successive terms. Members serve at the pleasure of the Board and may be removed from the Committee by a majority vote of the Board. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings The Committee will begin its tenure with a series of introductory training sessions regarding master planning and the Pantops Master Plan. After these introductory sessions, Committee members will elect a chair and vice chair, who will work with County staff to prepare meeting agendas and conduct the meetings. The Committee may wish to meet bimonthly or monthly, and may call additional meetings if needed. 
Membership The Board of Supervisors shall appoint ten to fifteen members to the Committee with representation from the following:
Pantops citizens at large
Property owners and Stakeholders
Business community members
Civic/neighborhood organizations
Representatives from adjoining areas
City of Charlottesville neighborhood planners and County Community Development Department employees/representatives will interact with the group as needed. In conjunction with the Rivanna District Planning Commissioner and Board Member, the Pantops Neighborhood Planner will seek to recruit a pool of members that ensures diversity and a broad representation from the Pantops and fringe areas. There will also be a Planning Commission liaison appointed to the Committee who will attend Committee meetings and will report back to the Planning Commission at its regular meetings with a synopsis of the Committee's meetings and activities, as appropriate. The liaison, along with other Commissioners, may identify Planning Commission agenda items or updates that should be provided to the Committee and to citizens living in the greater Master Plan area. The Pantops Neighborhood Planner will coordinate all staff support to the Committee and will ensure that Council meeting agendas, materials and supplies are provided. 
Qualifications Responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:
1. Serve as liaisons by: 1) contributing to the public understanding of and encouraging support for Master Plan implementation
2) keeping the community informed of the needs, purposes, and progress of Master Plan implementation
3) encouraging interest and participation in community-based activities and public meetings related to the Master Plan
and 4) enhancing collaboration among all community stakeholders
2. Gather input from constituencies represented and bring these issues to the attention of staff and the Committee, and distribute information from the Committee back to constituents
3. Support implementation activities as identified in the Implementation Plan. The Council will set priorities for their work based on the Master Plan Implementation Matrix and current community needs
4. Identify the need for and establish community work teams to address specific master plan issues
5. Stimulate creative thinking in examining implementation issues and identify ways of using community resources to meet implementation needs and challenges
6. Provide periodic reports to the Board of Supervisors on the status of Master Plan implementation and the Committee's activities. The first report will be made within six months of the Committee's first meeting and will include an update regarding upcoming activities. 
County Members/Term Expiration Louis Lopez, Term Expires 6-30-19
Olivia Branch, Term Expires 6-30-19
George Emmitt, Term Expires 6-30-17
Diane Caton, Term Expires 6-30-17
Nicole Sullivan, Term Expires 6-30-19
Jason Inofuentes, Term Expires 6-30-19
Stephanie Lowenhaupt, Term Expires 6-30-19
Sara Robinson, Term Expires 6-30-19
Lauri Wilson, Term Expires 6-30-20
Richard Hiss, Term Expires 6-30-20
Larry Brown, Term Expires 6-30-19
Calvin Morris, Term Expires 6-30-19
Diane Berlin, Term Expires 6-30-18
Laurel Olson, Term Expires 6-30-19
Rob Neil, Term Expires 6-30-19
Norman Dill, BOS Liaison - Term Expires 12-31-2017
Daphne Spain, PC Liaison 
Web site for more information www.albemarle.org/department.asp?department=cdd&relpage=4849 

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