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Board/Commission Name Residential Development Impact Work Group 
Introduction/Overview/Duties The Residential Development Impact Work Group is formed by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to understand recent State Code amendments regarding proffers and to develop and analyze alternative means for determining and addressing the fiscal impact of residential development allowed either by-right or subsequent to a rezoning. The Work Group will also provide a recommendation on how to proceed with addressing fiscal impacts of residential development. 
Length of Term No information available at this time 
Frequency/Times for Meetings No information available at this time 
Membership The committee shall consist of approximately seven voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Appointments will be based on Board and staff recommendations, nominations from community and business groups, and individual applications.

The Work Group will be composed, at a minimum, of the following representatives:
Chair of Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee
One rezoning applicant representative (professional planner strongly preferred)
One previous rezoning applicant involving residential development within last 3 years
One representative of the development community
Two representatives of Community Advisory Committees (residents)
One representative of the environmental community

In addition, the Work Group will have liaisons from the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, and County staff as outlined below.

Two members of the Board of Supervisors
Two members of the Planning Commission
County Attorney
Director of Planning and/or designee
Director of Economic Development
The Superintendent of Schools or designee

The Board of Supervisors will appoint members based on their qualifications and interest in serving on the Committee. An individual may be appointed to represent more than one of the above referenced groups. The Board will strive to appoint an overall membership that is diverse in age, abilities, experiences, professions, interests, etc. 
Qualifications Member qualifications include:

Experience working within a consensus-driven decision-making process, and a commitment to such a process in fulfilling the Committee's responsibilities as outlined in the charge statement
Willingness to work within established County procedures and processes
Ability to be open-minded
to listen and be respectful of the values, views and opinions of other representatives
Ability to share information with, and receive information from the community at large
Ability to meet not less than monthly over the next 4 to 6 months and
Status as a resident of Albemarle County
preferred but not required 
County Members/Term Expiration No information available at this time 
Web site for more information N/A 

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