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Board/Commission Name Electoral Board 
Introduction/Overview/Duties 1. Elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.
2. Administer all County and Town Elections, including, but not limited to, the presentation of ballots, the administration of absentee ballot provisions, the conduct of the election, and the ascertaining of the result of the election.
3. Appoint, and remove from office when necessary, the County General Registrar of Voters.
4. Appoint, train, and remove from office when necessary, the precinct Chief Officer and Assistant Chief Officer of Elections and the necessary Precinct Officers of Election, to serve in all County and Town elections.
5. Determine the number and set the term for assistant registrars. 
Length of Term Three-year staggered terms, each term to commence on March 1 and to expire on the last day of February of each year. APPOINTED BY THE JUDGE OF THE CIRCUIT COURT. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings Will meet the first week in February and during the month of March each year, and on the day following any election, and as necessary during the rest of the year. The Board usually meets monthly, with several special meetings as needed prior to an election. 
Membership No information available at this time 
Qualifications 1. Registered voter of Albemarle County.
2. Represent a political party.
3. Must not be the spouse of an Electoral Board member, or of the General Registrar of Voters, nor the spouse of any person who is the parent, grandparent, sibling, child, or grandchild of an Electoral Board member, or the General Registrar of Voters of the County.
4. Must not be the chair of a state, local, or district level political party committee, or a paid worker in the campaign of a candidate for nomination or election to an office filled by an administered election.
5. Must not offer for or hold an office to be filled by an administered election. 
County Members/Term Expiration Peter W. Wurzer, Chair - Term Expires 02/29/2016
William C. Love, Vice-Chair - Term Expires 02/28/2017
James M. Heilman, Secretary - Term Expires 02/28/2018 
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