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Board/Commission Name Historic Preservation Committee 
Introduction/Overview/Duties The committee implements the County’s Historic Preservation Plan, which is a part of the Comprehensive Plan. The committee aids County Planning staff in identifying local historic properties
working with new owners of historic properties
promoting and encouraging preservation by making available information regarding designation procedures, tax credits, and restoration resources, implementing community events to recognize historic resources, and pursuing other voluntary and incentive measures. 
Length of Term Members shall serve three-year staggered terms with 1/3 of the membership appointed each year. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings Monthly meetings are generally held on the fourth Monday of the month beginning at 4:30 p.m. at the County Office Building. 
Membership No information available at this time 
Qualifications A background in Albemarle County history is required for all positions as is the willingness to work on implementing projects. Need not be a County resident to apply. 
County Members/Term Expiration Betsy Baten - Term Expires 06/04/2018
Peter Wiley - Term Expires 06/04/2016
VACANT - Term Expires 06/04/2015
K. Edward Lay - Term Expires 06/04/2018
VACANT- Term Expires 06/04/2016
Crystal Ptacek - Term Expires 06/04/2018
Ross Stevens-Term Expires 06/04/2019
Elizabeth Russell - Term Expires 06/04/2020
Jared Loewenstein, Chaiman - Term Expires 06/04/2020
Dennis Dutterer- Term Expires 06/04/2017
Jeff Werner - Term Expires 06/04/2020
VACANT - Term Expires 06/04/2018
Ann Mallek, Board of Supervisors liaison - Term Expires 12/31/2017
Rich Randolph, Planning Commission liaison 
Web site for more information www.albemarle.org/historicpreservation 

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