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Board/Commission Name Joint Airport Commission 
Introduction/Overview/Duties The Commission is an advisory group which provides input from the Community to the Airport Executive Director and the Airport Authority on airport matters, and in turn provides information to the Community on airport matters. 
Length of Term All members will serve terms which expire on December 1 of the third year following their appointment. No member will be reappointed who has served as a member for six consecutive years immediately preceding such reappointment. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings Meetings are held bimonthly at 4:00 p.m., at the Airport on the Mondays preceding the scheduled Airport Authority meetings. 
Membership There are seven members: three City appointees, three County appointees and one member is appointed by joint action of the City and County, each for a three-year term. The member appointed by joint action shall also serve as a member of the governing body of the Airport Authority. Appointees to fill any vacancy on the Commission resulting from the resignation, etc. of a member shall be for the unexpired portion of the vacant term only. Members are not paid for their service. (See County Code Sections 2-800 through 2-805.) 
Qualifications Shall be a citizen of the County who holds no other municipal or County office.
Shall serve without compensation.
Shall be interested in commercial or general aviation, or both, with a desire to promote airport services within the community. 
County Members/Term Expiration John Post - Term Expires 12/01/2018
Brian Campbell - Term Expires 12/01/2020
Don Long, Joint Appointee - Term Expires 12/01/2018
Eric Walden - Term Expires 12/01/2020 
Web site for more information N/A 
Comments c of appointment letter to:

Melinda Crawford, Executive Director
100 Bowen Loop, Suite 200
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Paige Rice, Clerk of Council
P.O. Box 911
Charlottesville, VA 22902

County Executive
County Attorney
Commonwealth's Attorney 

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