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Board/Commission Name Public Defenders Office Citizens Advisory Committee 
Introduction/Overview/Duties The Charlottesville/Albemarle Public Defenders Office, one of many throughout the state, is responsible for providing legal representation to low-income citizens who are charged with criminal offenses which could result in their being sentenced to jail or prison.

The Committee is familiar with all facets of the office, and advises the director of the community's perspective on operations. The committee will also assist in representing the office to the community, and, where appropriate, advocate for desirable changes and improvements. 
Length of Term 3 years 
Frequency/Times for Meetings Meets monthly at County Office Building 
Membership Albemarle County has one member. 
Qualifications Persons selected to serve should have an interest in the criminal justice system, have a strong belief in its possibilities to operate fairly and justly and genuinely desire progress and improvements for the Public Defenders Office. Service should be regarded as significant public service which promotes equal justice for the indigent citizens whom the Public Defenders office represents. May not be an attorney, per Bylaws. 
County Members/Term Expiration Marilyn Minrath, Term Expires 12/31/2016 
Web site for more information N/A 

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