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Board/Commission Name Rivanna Solid Waste Authority 
Introduction/Overview/Duties Development of systems and facilities for recycling, waste reduction and disposal alternatives with the ultimate goal of acquiring, financing, constructing, and/or operating and maintaining regional solid waste disposal areas, systems and facilities, all pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 28, Title 15.1. Initially, the Authority will assume all responsibility for operating of the existing landfill. Additional projects will be identified by the Authority and implemented through agreement with the City and County.

Operate the Ivy Landfill, accept and dispose of all solid waste generated within the City and the County by public or private haulers, issue and sells bonds for the acquisition of new facilities or expansion of current landfill, and develop rules, regulations and procedures to comply with State and Federal mandates and procedures as to recycling, reuse and other alternative uses and method of disposal for solid waste. 
Length of Term Terms shall be for two years. The term for the BOS Member runs concurrently with their term on the Board of Supervisors. The terms of those members serving by virtue of their office shall expire upon the earlier of their ceasing to hold such offices or expiration of their term of office as a Councilor or a Supervisor, however, if they are reelected to those offices they may be reappointed to the Board. No compensation to members other than the joint appointee. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings Fourth Tuesday of February, April, May, August and November. 
Membership Board of Directors consists of seven members. Four of the members shall always be the persons holding the offices of City Manager, City Director of Public Works, County Executive and County Engineer. One member shall be the joint appointee. 
Qualifications No particular qualifications. 
County Members/Term Expiration Michael Gaffney, Joint Appointee, Term Expires 12/31/2018
Jeffrey Richardson, County Executive, Term Expires 4/1/2019
Trevor Henry, Facilities and Environmental Services, Director, Term Expires 4/1/2019
Maurice Jones, City Manager
Judith M. Mueller, City Director of Public Works
Liz Palmer, Board of Supervisor's liasion, Term Expires 12/31/21 
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