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Board/Commission Name Route 250 West Task Force 
Introduction/Overview/Duties Review and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors with regard to all transportation improvements on the Route 250 West corridor 250 Bypass to the Yancey Mill interchange). The Task Force will review, with public participation when necessary, each proposal prior to approval or inclusion in any request for funding. The Task Force will include in its consideration projects already in or proposed to be in the Six Year Secondary and Primary Road Plans, short-term projects recommended in the Route 250 West Corridor Study, and other transportation or development proposals that may be presented by residents and businesses affecting the Route 250 West Corridor. 
Length of Term Three years. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings The Task Force will meet approximately six times a year. 
Membership Six member Task Force. The Task Force should represent: One person from Scenic 250, Southern Environmental Law Center, Piedmont Environmental Council or other similar type of organization, two persons from businesses along the Route 250 West Corridor, and two residents that live on or adjacent to the Route 250 West Corridor. 
Qualifications None in particular. 
County Members/Term Expiration Victoria Macmillan, Term Expires 09/05/2018
June Tate, Term Expires 09/05/2018
Bonnie W. Samuel, Term Expires 09/05/2018
Alice Nye Fitch, Term Expires 09/05/2018
Barbara Franko, Term Expires 09/05/2018
James Sofka, Term Expires 09/05/2019
Scott Ramm, Term Expires 09/05/2019 
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