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Board/Commission Name Audit Committee 
Introduction/Overview/Duties The Audit Committee is a committee of the Board of Supervisors. Its primary function is to assist the Board in carrying out its oversight responsibilities by reviewing financial information provided in the County's Annual Financial Report, by reviewing any material weaknesses in the County's system of internal accounting controls, as reported by the external auditor, and by reviewing the annual audit process and its results. 
Length of Term The Audit Committee shall be appointed annually at the first meeting in January by the Board of Supervisors. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings The Committee will meet twice a year, or more frequently at the discretion of the Committee, in conjunction with the County's external audit process. The Committee may meet more frequently at the decretion of the Committee to discuss other matters of concern. 
Membership Two members of the Board of Supervisors, one member of the School Board (appointed by the School Board), County Executive or designee, Director of Finance, and Superintedent of Schools or designee. 
Qualifications Only elected officials will be voting members of the Audit Committee. 
County Members/Term Expiration Norman Dill - Term Expires 12/31/2016
Liz Palmer - Term Expires 12/31/2016
Betty J. Burrell 
Web site for more information N/A 
Comments Audit Committee Charter approved February 2, 2005. 

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