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Board/Commission Name Acquisition of Conservation Easements Committee (ACE) 
Introduction/Overview/Duties Assist in the implementation of the ACE program. Assist program administrator in program start-up, including development of application materials, intake and review procedures, and marketing materials and a marketing plan. Promote ACE program by providing educational materials to the public and conducting information meetings. Review ranking of applications recommended by program administrator, and make its recommendation to the Board as to which conservation easements should be purchased. Review list of ranked parcels submitted by program administrator and rank parcels in order of priority it recommends easements shall be purchased. Forward to the Board by September 1 its recommendation of which easements should be purchased. Annually review the program's eligibility and ranking criteria and recommend to the Board any changes needed to maintain the program's consistency with the comprehensive plan, or to improve the administration, implementation, and effectiveness of the program. 
Length of Term Staggered terms, initially. Four members to serve three-year terms, three members to serve two-year terms, and three members to serve one-year terms. Each term after the initial term shall be for three years. 
Frequency/Times for Meetings To be determined. 
Membership Ten members. 
Qualifications Resident of Albemarle County. Knowledge in the fields of conservation, conservation biology, real estate and/or rural land appraisal, farming and forestry. May include members of conservation easement holding agencies and conservation organizations. 
County Members/Term Expiration Rob Farrell- Term Expires 08/01/2016
Stephen T. McLean - Term Expires 08/01/2018
A. Bruce Dotson - Term Expires 08/01/2018
Jason Woodfin - Term Expires 08/01/2015
Sherry Buttrick, Chair/ - Term Expires 08/01/2018
Leah Jung - Term Expires 08/01/2018
Devin Welch- Term Expires 08/01/2018
Richard Keeling - Term Expires 08/01/2016
E.N. Garnett - Term Expires 08/01/2018
Edward Smith - Term Expires 08/01/2016
Ann Mallek, Board Liaison - Term Expires 12/31/2016
Jennie More - PC Liaison 
Web site for more information www.albemarle.org/department.asp?department=cdd&relpage=4227 
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Wayne Cilimberg
Ches Goodall
County Attorney
Commonwealth's Attorney 

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